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Peritron, Perineometer with Vaginal Sensor

  • Vaginal kegel exerciser
  • Peritron pelvic muscle trainer
  • Peritron pelvic muslce toner
  • Peritron
  • Kegel exerciser
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Product Description


Product Features

  • Measuring to 0.1 cm/H2O
  • Gives audio as well as visual biofeedback
  • Linear and logarithmic biofeedback
  • Comprehensive contraction measurements: Gradient, Area under Curve, Peak, Average
  • Sensors are interchangeable with the PFX and PFX-a home pelvic floor exercisers


Product Description


PeritronTM Perineometer. Include both Vaginal and Anal sensors. Peritron 9300AV is a hand held microprocessor-controlled perineometer intended for assessing the strength of pelvic floor muscles and teaching pelvic floor exercises. The new Peritron 9300 gives audio as well as visual biofeedback (numerical on LCD display in cm water and/or 'progressing bars' display for exercise feedback presented as 'better-worse' bar graph picture). New Peritron 9300 is very sensitive, measuring and displaying the contractions numerically in cm water (cm/H2O) to 0.1 cm/H2O.
Peritron 9300 can recall the peak and average values of the contraction and its duration. It also numerically displays the gradient and the area under the curve. For teaching pelvic floor contractions the display may be switched to 'progressing bars' that provide 'better-worse' feedback. The more bars that are lit, the stronger the contractions. Peritron's feedback display has 99 levels. Its super response picks up the first flickers of a contraction. Such sensitivity is very useful, especially with patients that have very compromised and weak pelvic floor muscles.



Peritron displays the value of the contraction numerically in cm water(cm/H2O). (other units of measurement are available)


The value is updated once per 0.6 second during the contraction.

Peritron can recall the peak and average values of the contraction and also its duration. It also displays the gradient. Please refer to Quality of the Contraction below.

Normal values

Generally speaking, a vaginally measured contraction value of less than 20cm water indicates that strengthening pelvic floor exercises are advised.

Normal anal resting pressures are around 50cm water. Cough usually adds 40 and squeeze 100. These correlate well with traditional measuring techniques using multi-lumen catheters.




If successive readings are jotted down on a photocopy of the template provided in the Handbook a pressure profile curve may be sketched quickly and easily.

Many Practitioners find this picture of the contraction particularly useful for patient education.

cm water
cm water
cm water


Readings taken during a contraction

Quality of the Contraction

A strong, sustained contraction is better than a brief, weak one. To help the clinician assess the quality of the contraction, at the press of a button Peritron will recall the peak and average readings as well as theduration of the contraction in seconds. It also displays the gradient.

A STRONG AND SUSTAINED CONTRACTION has similar PEAK and AVERAGE readings. Example vaginal contraction:

AN UNSATISFACTORY CONTRACTION typically has widely differing PEAK and AVERAGE readings. For example:




For teaching pelvic floor contractions the display may be switched to 'progressing bars' that provide 'better-worse' feedback. The more bars that are lit, the stronger the contraction.




getting better

Peritron's super-sensitive response picks up the first 'flickers' of a contraction. This feedback is really appreciated as patients generally need all the encouragement they can get.

Peritron's feedback display has 99 levels of that can be set, that is, degrees of difficulty.

The first, most sensitive range is for learning the exercises; the highest range will challenge the most accomplished pelvic floor athlete! But you can choose anything in between...





The design of our Vaginal and Anal Sensors reflects our many years of experience designing and manufacturing medical products.

Our sensors may be used with any Perineometer.

We always welcome inquiries to supply Sensors to other Perineometer Manufacturers on an OEM basis.

Peritron and PFX use the same Sensors. Thus the sensor of a patient's PFX home exerciser may be brought to the clinic for assessment with Peritron.

Hygenic and Biocompatible. The contact surfaces of our sensors are of seamless medical grade silicone elastomer, a material chosen for its high biocompatibility. The thin wall of the silicone sheath transmits the pressure faithfully and its performance is temperature independent.

There are no joins or crevices to trap contaminents. Toxicological testing has shown the sensors to be biologically inert.

In contrast, sensors of most other manufacturers have a latex sheath. The FDA require latex products to carry a warning against possible allergic reactions.

Our Sensors have been approved for safety and efficacy by the USA FDA and carry Class II CE mark classification in Europe.

Sensitive, repeatable response. The vaginal sensor has a long pressure-responsive area. Consequently, when the sensor is inserted to the recommended depth its pressure sensitive area will span the pelvic floor muscles of 95% of women.

This means that, irrespective of who carried out the test, the sensor will be located correctly every time.

Sensors of most other manufacturers have short pressure-sensitive areas. As a consequence they must be positioned carefully right at the pelvic floor. Variations in positioning leads to session-to-session and operator-to-operator variability in readings.

Care of Sensors

Please refer to [Frequent Questions]




Those using Peritron in Clinical Research projects need to know its accuracy and repeatability.

The new Peritron is accurate to better than 1 cm H20 throughout the entire range.

With the previous model Peritron, for example, if the reading was 100 then there was a 95% probability that the true pressure is 100 and a 5% probability that it is 99 or 101.

The new Peritron measures to one decimal place (i.e. the scale is different) If it was compared in accuracy (on the same scale) with the old Peritron, it would be 100% accurate. In other words, it is accurate to better than 1 cm H20 throughout the entire range.

To our knowledge Peritron is the most accurate Perineometer currently available.

In practice, the force required to deform the sensor causes a slightly reduced reading. Providing you 'zero' the reading after insertion, the Peritron reading will be about two digits lower than actual applied pressure. (This characteristic affects every Perineometer in the world.) As the sensors are precision mouldings they are all exactly the same and so every reading you take will be about two digits short of the actual pressure indicated. Most regard this discrepancy to be meaningless in a clinical situation.


In clinical trials it is important to eliminate operator-induced artifacts as far as possible. For this reason we recommend the use of collar cat 2011 that provides repeatable depth of insertion with 100% certainty.

We are pleased to provide the results of our laboratory testing on request.

Inflation Optional for Vaginal (not Anal) Sensors

Most people use the vaginal sensors without inflation. However, a port is provided in the Peritron connecting tube that allows the sensor to be air-inflated by means of a syringe to provide a larger, firmer surface.

A standard inflation pressure of, say, 100 cm provides a constant base-line for readings. The technique used is straight forward:

  • Insert sensor
  • Inflate to reading of 100
  • Press button to zero Peritron reading
  • Have patient contract .....

The anal sensor is not intended for inflation.

Single or Multi-Patient Sensors

For such a personal item, most people prefer their own sensor. The modest cost of these makes one-sensor-per-patient a viable clinical policy.

Single-user sensors require only a soap-and-water wash between uses.

Please refer to Frequent Questions for more information.




Peritron 9300 is a microprocessor-controlled Perineometer that measures the strength of pelvic floor muscle contractions by sensing the pressure of air in a vaginal or anal sensor. The pressure is displayed either numerically in centimetres water pressure or as a multi-range analogue bar-graph.

Peritron is supplied in a moulded case with sensor, connecting tube and handbook. There are two versions:

  • Pertiron 9300V incorporates a vaginal sensor
  • Peritron 9300A incorporates an anal sensor
  • Peritron 9300 is available with both sensors - please refer to ordering page 

Operating Range

  • 0-300 cm water pressure


  • Measurement Error:  < 0.5% Full scale at 25 degrees C

  • Pressure input Range: 0-300 cmH20

  • Display resolution: 1 decimal place (0.1cmH20)


Default Units:   cmH20

  • Optional Units:       

  • Pounds/Square inch

  • milliBar

  • inch H20

  • cm H20

  • mm Mercury

  • inch mercury

  • KiloPascal

Units can be changed by authorized personnel

Numerical Readout

  • Large Liquid Crystal Display shows contraction strength in cm water pressure
  • Auto-zero function provides zero-based readings
  • Recalls Peak and Average readingsDurationGradient, Area under Curve

LCD Display

  • Number of Digits:              4 Digits

  • Digit height:                        18mm

Analogue Readout

  • Three-range bar-graph display for exercise feedback

Vaginal Sensor of 9300V

  • 26-28 mm dia, 55 mm long, active surface, 108 mm overall with thin wall, precision moulded medical-grade silicone rubber sheath
  • 80 connecting tube with port for optional inflation to 100cm water

Anal sensor of 9300A

  • 15-19 mm dia, 30 mm long, active area, 30 mm dia flange, 80 mm overall with medical grade silicone rubber sheath
  • 120cm connecting tube

Carry case

  • Moulded 23 x 17.5 x 5 cm


  • Function operates after four minutes of no change of pressure


    • 2 x 1.5AA (lithium preferable) cells accessible to user. 
    • Battery life: No Audio - 40 hours, Continual Audio - 10 hours

  • Peritron requires no user adjustments or calibration


  • Luer: 1/4-28 UNF Female

  • Analogue Channel: Plastics1 IEC-60601 Touchproof – model 37341

Warranty Information

12 Months

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